Our strategy is based on four main pillars:


We believe that talent is Havas’ most valuable asset in our mission to create impactful work for our clients. We believe it is key to seek out and nurture intelligence and expertise.

Innovation is one of the group’s key commitments, and it is our priority to hire topnotch people and promote our brightest talents internally.


The Havas Village Model

Havas’ expansive network brings together talent from across the globe  to best serve our clients’ needs. Each Havas Village gathers creative, media, digital, design and activation talent under one roof, allowing us to provide an agile, seamless and integrated service for our clients in each market, while also drawing on the talent and support from villages across the globe. There are now over 70 Havas Villages all around the world. While each village is unique, they share a common ethos.


One common vision: “Meaningful Brand Idea”

Havas aims to make a meaningful difference to brands, businesses and people and in practice for our clients that means identifying a Meaningful Brand Idea or MBI.

Whatever marketing challenge we are trying to solve, whether through creativity or through media, our teams are unified in their approach as they seek the right MBI. Meaningful Brand Ideas factor in the functional, personal and societal ways in which a brand benefits the consumer and helps us unlock new insights.

This consideration of all stakeholders helps us fuel renewed relevance with which we guide the creative development of our clients’ brand positioning and identity.

Beyond creative executions, the MBI forms part of our new global operating system for media – Mx.

Through an understanding of what makes brands meaningful, and by capitalising on the most meaningful media for the audience, we can go beyond a traditional media plan, and create a valuable media experience (Mx). Meaningful Media is the media that matters most the to consumer and our operating system fuses connection, context and content to provide a better media experience that is more effective in achieving a brand’s goals.


The Power of Vivendi

At Havas, we create meaningful content which sets us apart from our competitors. The integration of Havas into Vivendi is part of the desire to create a world leader in content, media and communication which will ensure a unique positioning within the entertainment and communication markets. The partnership elevates Havas and in turn offers unrivalled opportunities for our clients. Vivendi is a global player, operating businesses throughout the value chain from talent discovery to the creation, production and distribution of content. Vivendi also owns Canal + Group, Editis, Gameloft, Vivendi Village, Dailymotion, Prisma Media and GVA.

Vivendi Village brings together small structures (Olympia Paris, The Théâtre de l’œuvre, Olympia production, U live, Vivendi Sports, Seetickets, Canal Olympia Theaters, Copyrights Group) in the live performance, ticketing, and event and festival venue industry, and is engaged in many joint projects with other Vivendi Group entities, and in particular Canal + Group.

Havas is organised into three main business units: Creative, Media and Health & Wellness communication

Creative Business

A business unit focused on creativity

We believe creativity isn’t just a description of our business, it’s in our agencies’ DNA. By combining creative expertise with the strategic and innovative power of our villages, we make a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and the lives of the people we work with.

We are a team of fabulously talented people spread across our villages globally. The Village model allows us to build seamless teams around the individual needs of each of our clients, combining talent and expertise – from copy writers to user experience designers, data analysts, publicity experts, strategy directors, web developers, art directors, content producers, business consultants …

Our team hails from some of the industry’s most creative and accomplished agencies, including: Arnold, Boondoggle, Buzzman, Camp + King, Conran Design Group, Havas Riverorchid, Host Havas, One Green Bean, Battery, ROSA PARIS, Gate One, W&Cie and newly acquired award-winning creative shop BLKJ in Singapore to name a few (all part of the Global Havas Creative network), and also from Havas CX our dedicated customer experience network, the Havas Edge global performance marketing network, the BETC Group, and H/Advisors – an international network of strategic communications consultancies.

Media Business

A business unit that builds world class Media Experience

With more than 11,000 employees across over 100 countries in more than 70 Villages, Havas Media Group consists of two global networks: Havas Media and Arena Media.

Our role at Havas is to create the best media experience, capitalising upon the most meaningful media to build more meaningful brands. Meaningful media is trusted, engaging and influential. By understanding the media channels and moments that are most meaningful, we help brands reach the most engaged audiences and move consumers to action.

We deliver meaningful media experiences through Mx, our global operating methodology and strategic planning process, which sits at the heart of everything we do.


Health and Wellness Business

A business unit focused on Health and Wellness communication

Driven by human purpose and focused on the betterment of humanity through health, Havas Health & You  leverages a global collection of experts and individuals to positively impact patient lives. With over 6,000 leading experts in more than 70 countries, we use our scope and prowess to drive our mission of human purpose.

Havas Health & You operates with a spirit rooted in innovation, creativity, exploration, communication, and education. The network helps brands and organisations make a meaningful difference by building brands that inspire people to feel better.

The global network’s core entities include Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Havas Lynx, Red Havas, HHCX, and dozens of speciality companies around the world.