Client Centric Structure

This model is based on the “Together” strategy, which transcends the traditional separation between “creative” and “media” in order to guarantee an agile, fluid and fully integrated service to our clients. The main aim of this strategy is simple: to best serve our clients’ needs, Havas Group brought together all communication disciplines – creative, media, digital, activation, events, public relations – under one roof to create a Havas Village.

The group owns 52 villages around the world. Each Havas Village is unique but they all share a common ethos, the same creative energy and a collaborative approach.

We have three main business units covering all communication disciplines:


A business unit focused on creativity


Havas Creative business represents 63% of the Group’s revenue and brings together all communication disciplines to deliver perfectly integrated solutions to leading brands. It incorporates the Havas Creative global network, the Arnold Worldwide micro network, Fullsix Group and many of the industry’s most creative and accomplished agencies, including: Havas Creative, Boondoggle, Camp + King, Conran Design Group, Havas Design+, Havas Riverorchid, Host, Les Gaulois, One Green Bean, Plastic Mobile, Rosapark, Victors & Spoils and W&Cie.

Its extensive in-house capabilities and best-in-class partners allow it to create custom, purpose-built solutions that help drive clients’ businesses. The network brings together 11,366 experts in 75 countries and is the largest unit of the Havas Group.

The network includes:

BETC Group

the creative micronetwork with offices in Paris, London, and Sao Paulo

Havas Helia

the network’s global data practice

Havas People

specialists in employer marketing

Havas Formula

a public relations boutique with divisions specializing in brand activation and Hispanic PR

Havas Edge

the largest vertically integrated full-service direct response agency in the world

Havas PR

the network’s public relations and corporate communications arm


A business unit focused on media


Havas Group’s media business represents 37% of Group revenue with offices in 145 countries worldwide. It incorporates three global media brands: Havas Media and Arena Media. These global networks benefit from Havas Group’s pure player expertise via brands offering best in class services in programmatic (Affiperf), social (Socialyse), mobile (Mobext), performance marketing (Ecselis), Out of Home and geolocal (Adcity), data consulting (DBi), and data capacity via our proprietary Artemis Alliance platform.

The media industry is changing rapidly and this flexible corporate structure allows us to align with our clients’ dynamic needs. Our capacity to adapt to and innovate our way through change forms part of our DNA. Supported by our ‘organic marketing’ approach we can deliver brands new solutions that break from a reliance on traditional media and feature content and data at their core.

Our media organisation is built to create tailored, unified cultures with teams that are able to focus on delivering client value, rather than reporting into large brand hierarchies. Our #Together strategy for teams and clients is more than a collaborative ethos – it’s an essential way of working in order to succeed in our inter-connected world of media and digital communications.

Havas Media

Havas Media is the main media brand of Havas Media Group and operates in 145 countries. Havas Media agencies service clients through a portfolio of specialist teams that span media, strategy, international management, digital, mobile, social media, experiential, entertainment and sport.

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Arena Media

Arena Media is part of the Havas Media Group, its agile structure is able to call on flexible teams operating in over 60 countries. The network provides integrated media solutions with a focus on change management, agility, growth and performance.

Havas Group
Pure Player

A unique suite of solutions that delivers value

Havas Group offers a unique suite of pure player solutions that delivers strong client value and benefits across a range of specialized products and services.


Affiperf delivers audience-led strategies across marketing objectives, channels & devices. The agency combines human design with data powered campaigns, delivered via the world’s best technology platforms, through the Meta-DSP.


Socialyse guarantees both performance and prices via a unique integrated and synchronized social media offer, including strategy, content, media and analytics. Socialyse combines the agility of a startup and the strength of a powerful global network.


Mobext connects people and brands, and impacts a client’s business. A data driven approach coupled with best-in-class technology delivers highly-effective ROI campaigns, creating meaningful touchpoints, amplifying business and increasing lifetime value.


Ecselis is a results-driven performance marketing agency. Ecselis develops a client’s business and brand through channel expertise (SEO, paid search, affiliate marketing, performance display, CRO and DCO) as well as multi-channel products.


Adcity connects brands and consumers across everyday life. With a clear concern for audiences at the heart of its activity, Adcity applies true consumer understanding to data activation, media convergence, and new technologies and interactions with consumers on the move.


DBi has the ambition to become the world’s first truly global digital analytics agency network. The pure player, data business intelligence unit of Havas Group, DBi has helped some of the world’s strongest brands leverage data as a strategic asset.

Artemis Alliance

Artemis Alliance is Havas Group’s data capacity. The platform was awarded ISO27001 certification by Bureau Veritas and guarantees data quality, safety and integrity for more than 14 years.

and Wellness

A business unit focused on healthcare and wellness


Havas Health & You integrates all the agencies of professional activities of health and consumer health all around the world through four brands: Havas Life, Health4Brands (H4B), Havas Lynx and Havas Life PR. Havas Health & You’s objective is to drive its clients’ results and develop for best the mentalities, lifestyles and reputations, as well as the company’s performances, while promoting health and welfare.

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