While many large corporations all over the world are getting prepared to invest the new “token economy,” Havas Blockchain and Coinhouse are now revealing the first infrastructure dedicated to providing services for large accounts. This solution – which contributes to the maturation of the crypto & blockchain ecosystem in Europe – allows enterprises and institutional investors to benefit from the expertise of two pioneers in the “token economy.”

The unprecedented adoption of cryptoassets in 2017 raised a lot of interest from large corporate entities in blockchain technology. Consequently, “tokens,” which are new digital assets that allow the exchange of value between different parties without involving a middleman, have become the backbone of the new decentralised web and are now the subject of high levels of interest from traditional financial institutions. In this context, Havas Blockchain and Coinhouse are launching a tailor-made service dedicated for corporations that entails:

• Corporate training and education in blockchain technology
• Communication services which are both international and multichannel
• The availability of cryptoasset specific compliance solutions
• The possibility of buying and selling cryptoassets through a trusted partner recognized by regulatory authorities in France and in Europe
• The secure storage of the cryptoassets and the ability to use them to execute contracts and applications on public blockchains

This partnership aims to democratise public blockchains by helping enterprises run their smart contracts and decentralised applications. They need to use the blockchain’s associated cryptoasset to run these new applications (for example: ether for the Ethereum blockchain).

When we first launched Havas blockchain, our priority was to support responsable ICOs by providing them with a global and international communication offer in partnership with Blockchain Partner. By associating us with Coinhouse, we now have a new range of services to offer our clients with tailor-made accompaniment on compliance and investment topics without compromising about security and transparence,” explained Fabien Aufrechter, Head of Havas Blockchain.

More and more enterprises are positioning themselves to invest in blockchain technology. In a few months, large public companies will already be investing in the token economy. It is in this context that we decided to partner with Havas Blockchain: to offer our enterprise clients premium communication services for all their blockchain based projects” said Nicolas Louvet, CEO Coinhouse.


Founded in 2014 in Paris, Coinhouse (formerly Maison du Bitcoin) is a pioneer in cryptoassets investments. Both an online platform and a physical space, it is the trusted partner for individual and institutional investors looking to understand, acquire, sell and securely store cryptoassets. Coinhouse currently serves more than 100,000 users from across Europe. The company had volumes of 46M€ in 2017 with a turnover of 3.4M€.



Havas Blockchain is the first global and international communication firm to offer services for blockchain and crypto projects. The offer includes integrated communication support (PR, social media, digital and advertising) and is based on the AMO global network and strategic partnerships (Blockchain Partner, Coinhouse, Chain Accelerator).


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Lorella Gessa
Chief Communications Officer, Havas Group

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Fabien Aufrechter
Head of Havas Blockchain

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