Havas Group unveils progress report of its CSR program, Havas Impact+, including its 2020 carbon footprint results. The Group pledges to achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.

On the heels of World Environment Day, Havas Group is releasing its 2020 CSR Report, presenting the results and progress of its CSR program Havas Impact+. Launched in 2020 and organized around three key pillars – Environment, People & Meaningful communication – Havas Impact+ celebrates Havas’ commitment to positively impact the world we live in and act toward a more inclusive and sustainable society.

The Havas Impact+ environmental pillar formalizes the Group’s actions to fight against climate change. As part of this pillar, Havas has set ambitious targets to reduce its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions each year in alignment with the science-based target commitment by Vivendi. By the end of 2020, Havas Group achieved a reduction of GHG emissions by 32% in absolute terms and by 31% per collaborator, from a 2018 baseline*. By 2025, the company pledges to achieve carbon neutrality.


To achieve this goal, Havas Group objectives are:

  • A 5% decrease in electricity consumption;
  • Shift to 25% supply of renewable energy;
  • A 20% decrease in non-hazardous waste generation;
  • Shift to 100% use of recycled and/or certified paper (from sustainable forests);
  • A 40% decrease in paper consumption;
  • Making sure 100% of its agencies have recycling programs in place.



  • 28% of the Group’s global headcount is now operating under ISO 14001 certification;
  • 15% of the Group’s global headcount has achieved its target of 100% renewable electricity purchasing;
  • 17% of the Group’s electricity consumption was from renewable sources in 2020;
  • 42% reduction in paper consumption in 2020.

Lorella Gessa, Chief Communications & CSR Officer Havas Group, says: “Corporate social responsibility is an integral part of everything we do at Havas. We didn’t wait for CSR to go mainstream before assuming our responsibilities. As a pioneer, Havas was taking on concrete commitments as early as 2009, which are reflected today in our results. With the power of the Havas Impact+ program and our creative ideas, I’m convinced that Havas is on the right track to become the leading communications group on environmental issues and the most meaningful company within our industry.

Our 2020 CSR Report compiles Havas’ commitments, bold targets, measured results, and the progress we have made over the past year, as well as our objectives for the years to come. We are on the right track to reach our ambitious goal to reduce our GHG emissions by 60% (2018-2024) and achieve carbon neutrality by 2025,” adds Maria Escobar Granet, Global CSR Project Manager, Havas Group.

Click here to read the 2020 CSR Report


Lorella Gessa
Chief Communications & CSR Officer, Havas Group
+33 1 58 47 90 36

Maria Escobar-Granet
Global CSR Project Manager, Havas Group
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Pierre Moriconi
Marketing, Communications & Editorial Manager, Havas Group
+33 1 46 93 37 81

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*The COVID-19 pandemic, including remote work and travel restrictions, has impacted the decrease in travel and electricity GHG emissions, in addition to Havas Group’s organic effort.