Family Feel.

We take great pride in our Havas family. They bring many unique personalities, perspectives and passions to their work. Collaboration is at the core of how we operate, and Villages are the homes we work in.
We encourage our people to take advantage of the many opportunities to grow—whether it be a local agency training, a special project or one of our unique global development programs. We believe we are at our best when we can have a healthy debate, yet still be there to support one other… just like families do. Life at Havas is about being Together to produce great work. We are #HavasTogether.

We Empower One Another

We support and empower one another in our endeavors—both personal and professional. We’re creators and innovators, and we’re passionate about our craft. We know there is more than one way, and we appreciate the perspectives and
differences in each of us.


    International Media Director, Havas Media Singapore

    My proudest accomplishment would be…
    “Being a mother of 2 and still owning my role”

    My superpower is…
    “Being in two “places” at once”

  • JAN

    Head of Social, Havas Media Germany

    My superpower is…
    “Knowing the future”

    3 words that best describe my experience at Havas…
    “Collaboration, Technology, Energy”


  • GAIL

    VP Marketing Director, Arnold Worldwide Boston

    My favorite thing about Havas is…
    “I love how diverse the Havas family is. The people truly make the job worthwhile. There are so many people to learn and grow from!”


    An app I couldn’t live without is…
    “Uber. I use it all the time…way more than I should. It’s reliable, always accessible, and gets me where I need to be!”


    Creative Director, Havas helia London

    An app I couldn’t live without is…
    “Spotify. Music is the greatest form of inspiration”

    The best destination I have traveled to is…
    “New York. I instantly feel re-energized when I see that skyline

  • ALEX

    Client Business Director, Havas Sydney

    My journey to my current role has been…
    “A whirlwind ride around the world”

    The best piece of advice I have ever received is…
    “Smile and the world smiles with you”


    International Project Director, Havas Media France

    My favorite thing about Havas is…
    “The historical origins and starting business of Charles Havas”

    The best piece of advice I have ever received is…
    “Strategy without real implementation is useless”


    Associate Creative Director, Havas Mexico

    My journey to my current role has been…
    Very enriching on both professional and personal levels. I’ve discovered my own potential as a group leader and I’m learning so much about empathy with my colleagues and with myself.”

    3 words that best describe my experience at Havas…
    “Learning, Change, Laughter”


    Managing Director – Head of Middle Office, Havas Media Brazil

    3 words that best describe my experience at Havas…
    “Challenge, Emotion, Results”

    My proudest accomplishment would be…
    “Helping those in need”


    Deputy General Director, BETC Paris

    My proudest accomplishment would be…
    “My babies — Evian’s and my own”

    My hobby outside of work is…

We Work in Villages

Our Havas Village concept brings all communication disciplines together under one roof: digital, mobile,
social media, advertising, direct marketing,
media planning and buying, corporate communications, sales promotion, healthcare communications, design, human resources, sports marketing, public relations,
research and more. With all capabilities in one place, we have a multitude of resources at our fingertips, and our open seating environment helps foster strong
communication, teamwork and collaboration among us.

The Village Lifestyle

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We Never Stop

Learning is an ongoing process, and we build time for it in our day-to-day lives. Our agencies offer a range of unique employee experiences like on-site skill
workshops, guest speakers, and mindfulness training, as well as culture-building opportunities like musical performances, social and networking events,
community outreach and more.

Experiential development programs such as Havas Lofts and Havas NextGen enable employees to build new skill sets and gain exposure to other markets, making for stronger collaboration between our global employees. Our newest program Femmes Forward works to involve and empower the women at Havas and help advance their careers at a faster pace.

We continue to introduce new programs that inspire fresh thinking, exploration, and continual growth for our employees in their careers.