• Environment

Net zero carbon emissions by 2025

Our ambition is to become the leading communications group on environmental issues and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2025.

Our environmental strategy

We perform under an ISO 14001-certified global Environmental Management System (EMS) and an environmental policy:

Our objectives (2018-2024)

60 Ghg Emissions
Fond Transparent


100 1
100 2

Our 2020 Environmental Key Figures



Our environmental roadmap

We will achieve our objectives by:

1. Reducing our non-essential travel and compensating our flight GHG emissions when possible

2. Scouting renewable energy solutions for our agencies

3. Increasing energy efficiency programmes in our Villages

4. Implementing recycling systems in our agencies

5. Setting up plans to reduce paper use and increase document digitalization

6. Reducing single-use plastic use

Our low-carbon products and services

A key element to our bold environmental strategy is the Havas Meaningful Impact programme. An initiative that seeks to manage and reduce the GHG emissions of our products and services. We do it by implementing eco-friendly practices in the production and broadcast of our campaigns, as well as adopting carbon calculators to measure and offset GHG emissions.

Two-step approach:

Havas Climate Solidarity

Launched in 2018, this initiative offers the possibility to our clients to contribute financially to offset their carbon footprint due to the production of a campaign. We partner with Pur Projet on ecosystem restoration through agroforestry, land restoration and forest conservation offsetting projects in Peru and France.


Havas Carbon Impact

Havas Media France implemented the first Carbon Impact Calculator for its clients’ multi-media campaigns in 2020. The agency now informs its partners of the carbon impact of their campaigns and proposes environmentally friendly solutions.