At Havas we are #AllIn

At Havas, our people come first. We are committed to building a more diverse, inclusive, and just Havas — to provide a more meaningful work experience for all.

Havas Group is committed to creating a culture where diverse voices and perspectives are encouraged and respected, and where all employees are equally supported in developing their careers.


In 2018, Havas launched All In, our global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion program that focuses on a wide range of DE&I initiatives including ethnic and cultural representation, gender equality, LGBTQ+ inclusion, disability, wellness, age, and other topics. All In is an innovative approach to DE&I in that it’s not the typical top-down approach, but rather is focused on engaging all levels of the organization. We take a “local” approach to setting DE&I strategy as we respect that areas of focus vary greatly by country, culture, and agency. Havas makes it a priority to create inclusive environments where people can truly be themselves and feel supported to achieve their best.


In 2019, All In launched 100 actions in 39 agencies and villages. This year, there are over 150 actions across 42 agencies and villages. We are making progress in celebrating the richness of our talent and are seeing some great impact around the world.

At Havas we #CommitToChange

With the raised consciousness around systemic racism in the US, and the low representation of diverse talent in the advertising industry, Havas committed to do more and do better with the development of an ambitious plan that aims to build a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and just Havas.


The comprehensive Commit to Change plan outlines seven initiatives specific to our BIPOC employees and how our business operates, as well as both long-term and short-term plans aimed at improving our representation. The plan has comprehensive education and awareness for employees at all levels—with senior leaders participating in the most sessions. Other areas of focus include providing more industry access to those in career transitions, veterans, and high school graduates; committing a significant percentage of internship opportunities to diverse talent; and focusing on leadership development and mentorship opportunities for BIPOC talent. Havas will also rethink and reengineer systems such as recruiting and talent assessment.

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Since publicly announcing the plan in July, we have already made progress on many of the commitments, with more programming and initiatives to launch at the end of the year and start of 2021. In August, Havas launched our inaugural North America Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Advisory Committee. The nine-member committee comprised of senior leaders from the Media, Creative, and Health networks representing the Black, Asian, Hispanic, and LGBTQ+ communities, will oversee NA DE&I strategy and initiatives that will drive impact and change in a cohesive approach across the region, as well as ensure that the commitments in the NA Commit to Change plan are met. The first tier of Education & Awareness has launched with several thousand employees across all three business networks in NA completing the first phase of our mandatory education courses—courses focused on managing bias and inclusion in the workplace.


At HKX, Havas’ village in London, a 10-point charter was developed to support DE&I initiatives and create the UK’s best employer brand. The charter is a launching point to take tangible and concrete steps to create a genuinely diverse culture—a culture that provides opportunity for all employees to succeed. In France, a newly appointed Director of DEI France is working to align local DE&I initiatives across the French offices to create a united people strategy. Within agencies she is driving initiatives and actions on issues like gender equity, removing social barriers to employment, creating space for the disabled community, and racial inclusion and diversity.


We want our employees to know that they are not just being listened to, but they are being heard. Our plan, like all our DE&I plans, are works in progress because we know we can always do more and do better.