Our vision

The communications sector has a considerable influence on society at large. It plays a part in the economic development of companies by raising brand awareness and image in an increasingly global and competitive world. However, people’s motives and expectations with regard to consumption change over time, and the relationship between brands and consumers is becoming more fragile.

Communications must innovate in order to re-establish a relationship based on trust, by focusing on how companies and brands really help build a new social model. The creation of brand capital, which is the core function of communications, must now be based on the value created for society. This will probably entail greater transparency, greater humility and greater consideration for all stakeholders.

Communications mirror society and also act as a driving force, and through the values and representations used, they are also highly instrumental in the development of society, its standards, morals and mentality. Havas is fully aware of its responsibilities in this area and has reasserted its commitment to implementing the 10 principles of the Global Compact to which it has subscribed to since 2003.

The group has set itself six commitments to progress that act as guidelines for all its businesses, wherever it operates, whether in France or abroad. These six guidelines will serve as a framework for the Havas group’s corporate and social responsibility (CSR) undertakings over the next five years. They are aimed at reducing the impact of our activities on the environment and on social and societal issues.

The Global Compact

The Havas group's six commitments to progress

  1. 1To reduce the environmental footprint of our operations
  2. 2To reduce the environmental impact of our communication campaigns
  3. 3To promote diversity and expand health insurance and employee benefits internationally
  4. 4To apply more exacting social and human rights criteria to ensure more responsible purchasing of products and services
  5. 5To promote transparency and ethics in our industry 
  6. 6To promote a model of communications more conducive to sustainable development