Disability project

The Group recognizes that employment for the disabled is a key issue for Corporate Social Responsibility to address and is keen to demonstrate its commitment to implementing a responsible, consistent policy, sustainable in the long term, by entering into a partnership agreement with French disability agency Agefiph. This agreement came to an end on December 31, 2012, and the Group intends to keep up its efforts on integrating disabled employees. The network of actors on disability – HR departments, managers, employee representative bodies and resource persons – will continue to meet and further develop the Group’s disability policy.

Our employment rate of workers living with a disability in 2012 : 2.21%

- The average rate of employment in the communication sector is 0.5%.
- More than 40 people have been integrated within the Group since 2011.


The benefits of recognizing disabled worker:

  1. CESU* Handicap, annual allowance of 600€ for personal services (home delivery, gardening, household tasks, etc.)
  2. Adaptative workstation
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Authorized absences for medical care
  5. Early retirement

(*) Universal Employment Services Cheque


For more information, visit our website

View Agefiph website